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  1.支教活动在中国Aid Education in China.每年,高校许多大学生受到鼓舞去贫困地区支教。 2.支教活动的意义。3.我的看法。

  Each year, college students, encouraged to aid students in the poverty—stricken areas, volunteer themselves in poor villages for a year and try to improve education in poor areas.

  Aid—education has been beneficial in two aspects. On the one hand, college volunteers are really devoted to the cause. They have opened the eyes of students in underdeveloped regions to the outside world by bringing them new knowledge and thoughts. As a result, they are extremely well—received by the children there. On the other hand, college students have received a rigorous training by adapting to the harsh living conditions. They are enjoying the appreciation and no—distance friendship from the children. What’s more, they are greatly inspired by the moving and tireless spirit of the children.

  In my opinion, China’s educational development can’t be isolated from each individual and we college students should take the lead in response to the appeal for offering aid to children in poor areas.


  Dear Sir:

  I am writing to you in the hope of obtaining the scholarship in Chemisty that our department announced to offer last Wendesday to support my research work. Would you please send me the necessary application froms and any further details about the scholarships.

  As a current undergraduate student in our school, I have been lucky enough to have the wonderful chances to work with many exellent professors who not only showed me the fascinating aspects of Chemisty, but also increased my understanding on this subject greatly Through two years study in Chemistry, I have been working hard. In my study and research, I have already published three essays on the World Book Publishing House for the last two years. I would like to keep focusing on this field for my advanced studies.

  Enclosed please find three letters of recommendation and my resume.Thank you for your time and consideration.I look forward to your reply.

  Respectfully yours,

  Li Ming


  Though it may be hard for some people to willingly accept, no one,regardless of race, religion or nationality, can deny that the world we live in is becoming increasingly intolerable because of the effects of global warming. Even worse, the attention we paid to it is so inadequate that, according to my experts, even greater impacts are still on the way.

  There are numerous causes for this problem, and I would like to explore a few of the most important ones here. On the one hand, the theory and evidence that I have seen all seems to strongly suggest that human-related emissions of carbon into the atmosphere is causing, and will in the future cause, significant global warming. On the other hand, the lack of knowledge about the importance of protecting environment hinders the solving of the problem.

  This global warming is on such a scale that it will influence both poor and rich countries. It could even make large sections of the earth uninhabitable. It is urgent that immediate and effetive actions should be taken right away. First, more trees need to be planted to help improve and beautify the environment. Besides, stricter laws concerning global warming and irresponsible use of fuel resources have to be put into effect and achieved good results. As an individual, there are lots way to reduce the global warming: to ride a bike instead of a car,to use environmental plastic bags and so on. In a word, there is a long way to go before we can take a comfortable world for granted again .

  相关材料(This is a global issue, it need everyone who stay on the only earth to consider it, solve it together. In order to protect our home, we do as many as we can to reduce the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to stop the temperature rising. Among such a huge population on this planet, some have a conscience of responsibility to protect the environment, whilst others only care about their interests and ignore possible impacts upon environment.)


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