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  4.选秀节目Television has been one medium of communication that has connected millions. And it is this connectivity that makes talent hunt shows on the tube amazingly influential. Young faces conveying acute disappointment or even overwhelming joy have become a common sight on as many channels as your remote allows you to surf.

  The advantages of the shows are obvious to some people. For one thing, in terms of business, the increasing popularity of talent shows has helped the channels in generating huge revenues by way of advertising and promotions. As a result, more and more brands, such as Mogolian Yoghurt, are collaborating with channels in an effort of brand building. Consequently, the leaders of channels which has been proudly hosting talent shows are laughing all the way to the bank, not surprisingly. For another, talent show also bring great pleasure and excitement to viewers’ lives. We often see young and old alike being glued to their TV sets afraid of missing the next wave of emotions. However, there are still quite a few people who strongly oppose these shows. Reality television has been vilified as the lowest form of entertainment and a threat to intelligence.

  Personally, I side with the former opinion. It is a wonderful feeling and a great way to relax for me to watch talent shows and see ordinary people like myself become famous and win cash prizes. As long as talent shows are entertaining and inspiring us, there is great sense in keeping and encouraging them.


  Everyone in China these days seems to be concerned with their physical fitness, and everyone’s talking about getting in shape, but the truth is that most adult Chinese do not exercise on a regular basis. And yet, to feel good, look our best and live longer, fuller lives, regular exercise is a must

  Exercise on a regular basis can be beneficial in many ways. First, there are the obvious physical advantages such as appearance, strength, endurance, and an overall healthier lifestyle. There are also the not-so obvious physical advantages such as the prevention of diseases and some kinds of cancer, and the reduction of hypertension. Regular exercise is also good for an overall healthy mental outlook. It relieves stress, and people who have a regular exercise lead happier and healthier lives than those who do not. Finally, exercise can increase your academic performance. That is, research has shown that schools with good physical education programs have students that score higher on tests than those with poor or no physical education programs at all.


  The Olympic Games provide us with an opportunity to develop many urban projects and creative industries which are key to city development. Development is a long-term objective while the Games are a one-off project. The city and its industries will remain when the games are over. Therefore, when we do our planning, we should start from the point of urban needs and industrial development, then think about how to adapt them for the Olympic games, not the other way round

  As the quardennially-held games, Olympic Games is the world's most popular sporting event, many local citizens are afraid that they cannot afford to watch the competitions.The government should take into consideration the situations of China when setting the prices. Except for the opening and closing ceremonies and a few popular events, the majority of tickets will be very, very cheap so that all Chinese have a chance to come and watch the Games.

  Hosting the Olympic Games can provide a city with a unique opportunity to increase its international profile, refurbish itself in preparation for the Games and develop a lasting community spirit. The development of well-considered Games infrastructure can bring a lasting legacy to the local community and help host cities grow into centres of national and international event activity.


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