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  Armpit Sniffer 闻臭师

  Only those with the most sensitive schnoz can perform this job. Armpit sniffers is just one category within this highly specialized field that includes professionals that can determine the effectiveness of paper towels, halitosis, feet (insoles), cat litter, and diapers. Armpit sniffers work for deodorant companies. They may spend their days in a hot room sniffing up to 60 armpits an hour to determine the effectiveness of deodorant in controlling sweaty smells and then write up reports on the effectiveness of the different deodorants involved. The work requires both a good sense of smell and a willingness to smell someone else's sweaty body. Salaries range from $19,000 to $52,000 a year, varying with experience and seniority.


  halitosis['hl'toss]: n. 口臭

  Golf Ball Diver 高尔夫球潜水员

  Have you ever wondered what happens to all those golf balls that end up in the ponds, lakes and streams? Theyre not left in the water to rot for all eternity. Instead, golf ball divers retrieve them and make a handsome profit from them. Before you sneer, read this: a typical golf ball diver can retrieve 800,000 balls a year, or 40 tons, and make up to $100,000. The downside is that there are many dangers involved, including drowning accidents and alligator attacks (no kidding!), and several deaths have been reported.


  Chicken Sexer 小鸡性别鉴定员

  Tons of chickens are born on chicken farms every day and they need to be sorted according to their sex; as females are meant for egg-laying while males provide the meat. The chicken sexer determines the animals' sex using two techniques. The first one is known as feather sexing; this is when the chicks are specially bred to produce feathers that look different on males and females. Vent sexing, on the other hand, is more hands-on; in this method, you literally squeeze the poop out of the chicks in order to see inside their intestines, where you look for their sex organs; once you identify out the chicks sex, you separate them and move them on to their next destinations. The job requires two to three years of training, long hours standing and concentration, a gentle hand and a good eye. Salaries vary, but for US and European standards, the pay is not so hot, around $20,000 in the US and 15,000 in the UK, although in other countries like Brazil it is considered a great job with experienced sexers making $1,200 a month.


  hands-on[,hndz'ɑn]: adj. 亲身实践的,亲自动手的

  Pet Food Taster 宠物食品品尝师

  Pet food tasters evaluate the nutritional value of pet food and, yes, taste-test it to ensure your canines meal is flavorful, immune boosting and chock-full-of vitamins and minerals. Smell is also important when choosing the best options. No homeowner wants a house that stinks of fish. They dont spend every day sampling a cuisine fit for a pampered pooch, though like professional wine tasters, pet food testers spit it out instead of swallowing it. Most days, theyre writing reports and thinking up new ideas on how to put a nutritional spin on a new line of food. Salaries in the US range from $34,000 $117,000, and, of course, youre guaranteed strong teeth.


  pampered: adj. 饮食过量的;饮食奢侈的

  Turd Burner 粪便燃烧处理师

  For those who spend long periods of time in the great outdoors or at sea, relieving yourself can be more problematic than you think as operating toilets are not always feasible or readily available. So what to do with all the human waste? Several companies have come up with special toilets that burn excrement for such occasions. But, of course, someone has to operate these ingenious contraptions, turd burners. Although the flushing is done by each visitor to the john, these workers maintain and operate special toilets that burn waste so its converted into harmless, germ-free, odorless ashes. But theyve got to use their nose to tell if somethings wrong with the toilet. If theres a bad smell, somethings wrong.


  turd[td]: n. 粪,粪便

  Gum Buster 口香糖克星

  We all did it willfully when we were kids, and still do it unwittingly as adults: Stick your used, chewed-up, salivated gum onto a surface, any surface. But sooner or later, someones going to have to clean that up. Thats when a Gum Buster goes to work. They clean gum off of city sidewalks, stadium seats, school hallways, and the underside of school desks. The name Gum Buster comes from the machine you use, invented by a Dutch chemist in 1998. The machine dry steams the gum in just 5 seconds, making removal easier. Gum Busters can expect to earn between $18,000 $40,000.


  Whale-Feces Researcher 鲸鱼粪便研究员

  When whales poo, they poo bigtime, almost as large as the whale itself. Researchers comb through giant logs of whale dung looking for clues about the endangered North Atlantic right whales, including pregnancy detection, genetics, hormone and biotoxin levels. Whale poo chasers first have to find a pod, and wait for them to relieve themselves. They have about an hour before the turds sink to the bottom of the ocean.