Bloom beats Pitt to top hottest hunks list

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  Bloom beats Pitt to top hottest hunks list1

  Orlando Bloom

  Orlando Bloom has beaten Brad Pitt to the top of a new magazine poll to find the Sexiest Guy of Summer 2007.

  Based on stars who will be appearing in big films this summer, Pitt's Ocean's Thirteen co-star Matt Damon makes the In Touch Weekly list, as does Scarlett Johansson's ex Josh Hartnett.

  But Bloom tops the poll because he's a hunk who has admitted he's keen to settle down after splitting from actress girlfriend Kate Bosworth last September.

  The top 10 is:

  1. Orlando Bloom

  2. Brad Pitt

  3. Scott Speedman

  4. Tyrese Gibson

  5. Josh Hartnett

  6. Chris Evans

  7. Aaron Eckhart

  8. Josh Duhamel

  9. Matt Damon

  10. Zac Efron