Lace, a shinbone among Depp's ideas for pirate fashion

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  You might think that Johnny Depp's pirate character in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies would have had other things to worry about, but, apparently, a lot of thought went into his wardrobe.

  Lace, a shinbone among Depp's ideas for pirate fashion1

  Disney is releasing the first two Pirates films, The Curse of the Black Pearl and Dead Man's Chest on Blu-ray discs this week. Among the extra features are fashion commentary. Some tidbits from costume designer Penny Rose and props master Kris Peck:

  The lace tied around Sparrow's wrist was a suggestion from Depp, who wanted a few points of interest.

  This is an old piece of lace and in a conversation with Johnny, we decided that it was a trophy piece from a young lady, said Rose.

  The bone in his hair is a shinbone from a reindeer.

  The green ring one of four Sparrow wears in the movies is one that Depp bought for himself in 1989.