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A few days ago, I bought a collection of essays written by Lu Xun. I pondered over the subject for a long time. "Morning flowers and sunset" is Mr. Lu Xun's work in his later years, and all that is written in this collection of essays is about his childhood. In the later years of life, I will recall the things in my childhood. It is like picking flowers in the early morning and picking them in the evening. Although I have lost the beauty and fragrance when they are in full bloom, the reflection of the setting sun adds a kind of charm to it, and the fragrance if there is one, is more imaginative and memorable.


Although I am still young and only a teenager, I always like to recall my childhood. I often take an indifferent attitude towards everything in reality. I have no desire for ideals, no burst of feelings Only when I am immersed in the memories of my childhood, will all my enthusiasm really wake up and burn up. Whenever this happens, I will stare at the sky, the roof, or anywhere for a long time My soul will suddenly burst into a strange tremor, blood, poured into my face, happy, happy childhood, so magical back to me In the charm and dizziness, I seem to be a fourth grade student in primary school, swinging and playing in the school's wide training ground; in midsummer, splashing and playing in the swimming pool; in autumn, dancing happily on the skating rink All the vivid pictures and unforgettable things constitute the memories of my whole childhood.


When I was a child, I would be ecstatic because I picked up a coin. The reason is that I finally became the kid who picked up a penny in the nursery rhyme. Now, when I grow up, I will pick up the coin on the road. The reason is that there is a national emblem on it.


When I was a child, I would raise my hand in class because of one of my teacher's mistakes. I would never stop until the teacher "surrendered": now, even if the teacher wrote a blackboard's mistakes, I would never have other actions except turning over the dictionary at the bottom.


In this long 14 years, many memories have passed away quietly with the erosion of the years, but the footprints of growth - the footprints that record your gains and losses - will never fade away. I hope never to lose the joy, innocence, vitality and indefatigability of childhood


Childhood is like a cup of rich and delicious coffee, which is very sweet when tasted, but with a little bitterness in the sweetness; and growth is like a cup of fragrant tea. The entrance may be very bitter - because you have lost childishness, the courage to adhere to the "truth" and the spiritual support to "worship"; but then you will find that the tea is mellow, fragrant and long aftertaste - you really have a lot: the national self-esteem, quiet and long-term self satisfied attitude, and never blind rationality (maybe a little paranoid), A growing "heart of love" When a "sit still", you may as well taste this cup of tea, you will be surprised to find that you have got a lot.

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