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What we often talk about is what inspires us all the time.


In different situations, I will say different encouraging words to myself


When I am confused, I will say to myself: "people who don't know where they are going are mostly passers-by of life." Young and vigorous, we all want to do something in our own life, and we don't want to be buried in the ordinary life. Therefore, my life must have the goal!


When I am complacent, I will say to myself, "one star falls, the sky is not bright, one flower withers, and the whole spring is not desolate." Send mayflies to heaven and earth, a drop in the sea. What's more, I'm still young.


When I am furious, I will choose patience. For patience does not mean suffering rigidly. Its real meaning is to resolve the pain and turn it into happiness, just like the sky turns the wind and rain into a rainbow.


When I am disappointed, I will say to myself: the value of life needs to be constantly honed.


An ordinary steel plate is only worth 5 dollars. If it is made into a horseshoe, it is worth 11 dollars. If it is made into a steel needle, it is worth 350 dollars. If it is made into a pendulum needle of a watch, it is worth 250000 dollars! Yes, if we want to make our life more valuable, we will experience more trials.


In the face of life's success or failure, I will say to myself, "success is like a bright moon shining on a flower. No matter whether it's smooth or not, or whether it's transcendent, it's a post station with a strong whip and a long way to go; failure is still like a drop of water passing through a stone, converging into the sea, having the pride of being poor and stronger, not falling into the blue cloud, and the stubborn of" no one is the master of the prime, and a man should be self-determined. "


Although I am still young, when I face the honor and disgrace of life in the future, I will say to myself: "glory, the river and the mountain are still beautiful, just like the sea and the Wushan, familiar with the age and the moon, flashy, and disdainful of the past; disgrace, the crotch of Hanxin, the snow base of Cangsong, just like the immortal of emergence, knowing to step back, the sea and the sky are wide, and not willing to stop eating because of choking."


This sentence often hangs in the mouth, always inspires me, urges me, outlines a brilliant color of my life. These words should always be said and never forgotten.


Famous teachers' comments


The content is basically consistent with the meaning of the question, and the language expression is clear. The connection between the head and the tail is natural, and the arrangement of paragraphs is relatively uniform. But there are three deficiencies:


First, the central language is scattered. The examinees analyze it from six aspects: confusion, pride, anger, disappointment, success or failure in life and honor or disgrace. They use some inspirational quotations, which are far away from the content requirements of the topic. There is no emphasis on the sentence "always on the lips".


Second, in order to reflect "richness" in content, some incoherent content with the context is written out. For example, when talking about facing disappointment and success or failure in life, some thinking about "value of life" is inserted between them, which is obviously inconsistent with the previous and later content.


Third, the words and sentences are gorgeous, but empty. They fail to combine their own life experience and life perception to talk about the deep understanding of a sentence that is often said, but just swim on the surface, and the discussion is weak and pale, lacking persuasive arguments and the climax of strengthening sublimation, which makes the center of this article unclear.