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In the ever-changing international arena, the competition among countries is no longer limited to the "hard power" of economy and politics in the past, but the "soft power" of today's great powers seems to be more important. Soft power mainly includes the influence of national culture, national spirit and ideological quality, and the influence of national culture is particularly important.


As the carrier of national culture, mother tongue is the root of national survival and development. If a nation doesn't pay attention to its mother tongue culture, it is bound to go downhill, at least there is a potential crisis in economic and social development. Today, when English is popular, we study English crazily, but we even abandon our native language: Chinese. Nowadays, the brush is probably a "rare thing", few people have taken the brush, and few can write the brush. But the Japanese stipulate that we should take a calligraphy class once a week. Let's not introspect. Can we afford the title of "descendants of the Chinese people" when we see the decline of Chinese culture?


Why is there a Chinese craze in the world? When Chinese schools are set up in many countries, we don't pay attention to Chinese anymore? We do not see the long-term significance of language and culture, or at least the crisis in front of us. Britain and the United States make more than 1% of their GDP by exporting English every year. If you look at the students in China, you can learn a foreign language with such a great effort. However, the English level of college students and even doctoral students is not so good. Some people's Chinese level is even lower than that of foreign Chinese learners. Not long ago, in a bilingual translation competition in Shanghai, many people translated the old saying "rich and noble can't be prostituted" into "berich, but not * * * y". Chinese students' language skills can be seen from this.


It is said that when applying for cultural heritage not long ago, the Dragon Boat Festival was first registered by South Korea. Why don't we calm down and think: why can other people easily steal it? Han culture has a long history, which is cherished by the ancestors, but not cherished by the descendants, such as abandoning grass and mustard. Some major economic, trade and even academic exchanges are all in English but not in translation, which is in our own country. Why not cherish your mother tongue as much as the French do. National culture should be inclusive. France's conservatism is radical, and our indifference is even more worrying.


"The mountains, the rivers and the mountains are vast; the wind of a gentleman is high and the waters are long." After thousands of years, it is still vivid because of its unique combination of sound and form. My ears always echoed the Korean netizen's question: "I think your Chinese is the most beautiful language in the world. Why do other Asian countries and Europe and America attach importance to it, but you don't attach importance to it?"


You come from ancient times, broad is your style; you run to the future, majestic is your spirit. Chinese culture on the edge of cliff, it's time for Chinese people to save you




The famous article "Chinese culture on the edge of cliff" is an excellent warning, which vividly shows the author's sense of anxiety about the environment of Chinese survival and development, as well as the author's deep understanding and accurate grasp of the theme of the proposition. At the beginning of the article, based on a long-term perspective, the argument "mother tongue is the root of the survival and development of a nation" is drawn from the changing world and fierce competition among countries. The writing is impassioned, the cold and hot contrast of Chinese at home and abroad, and the pain of the rise and fall of national culture are obvious and convincing. At the end of the song, kickback point, give people a round head and tail, a sense of harmony.

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