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I saw the students in the Academy shaking their heads and reciting four books and five classics. I heard the poet in the restaurant spit out a series of good words and verses. I smelled the everlasting ink fragrance in the Yellow history books


Since the creation of characters by Cangjie, the record of people's life has been engraved on the shell of animal bones and tortoises, the unification of the six kingdoms by the emperor, and the search for a more convenient carrier for the writing of Cai Lun paper, the historical evolution of Chinese characters has long been integrated into the vastness of the Yellow River and the long history of the Yangtze River. The Chinese people have been nurtured by the Yellow River and Chinese. In our blood, our ancestors' love for the primitive life is spread, and the roots of blood inheritance are preserved.


"Beauty" is the combination of "sheep" and "big", from which we can catch the simple life wishes of the ancestors who see the nomadic life; "home" is a house with a pig (rag and hog), from which we can also understand the safe and rich life style of the ancestors. Chinese characters are not only the Chinese people's love and commemoration of their ancestors' primitive life, but also the inheritance of their blood. "It was a family five hundred years ago" is the greetings we often hear from people of the same surname, but this is not a joke, but the reality of the blood inheritance of the Chinese nation.


Today, however, the purity of Chinese is being eroded by foreign words. Internet languages like "PK" and "rookie" are widely spread among teenagers. The practice of mixing English with Chinese is rampant in the mainstream media


I don't know how the founder of Chinese characters is constructed by the twists and turns of Western alphabets, how the Chinese characters are formed by the transformation of English high and low tones, and how the characters that have been circulating for thousands of years are replaced by the popular network language. It is the duty of contemporary youth to protect the purity of Chinese and the integrity of their mother tongue. Because mother tongue is the root of national survival and development, and the root of rejuvenating Chinese heritage culture.


To maintain the purity of Chinese is not to completely deny the rationality of foreign words. Accurate translation is a bridge between Chinese and foreign language. Mr. Lin Yutang transliterated the word "Hamor" into "humor" in English, and made good use of the connotation of Chinese rich connotation to reveal the essence of humor to people: it is not superficial funny, but the wisdom of inner cultivation. Xu Zhimo transliterates "goodbye" in Japanese as "shajanara", which vividly shows that when Japanese girls bend down, they are "just as shy as water lotus is unable to bear the cool wind." Chinese, a broad and profound language, can accommodate foreign words with its rich connotation, and will give it the characteristics of Chinese culture, but can't tolerate its glycol polluted by popular vocabulary.


As Chinese people, we have the responsibility to maintain the purity and perfection of Chinese. Keep the mother tongue as the root of the survival and development of the nation, Chinese -- the best wine that has been passed down for thousands of years, will be more mature and more fragrant.




This article is a very rich personality characteristics of the examination. The author compares Chinese to the fine wine of glycol, and points out that Chinese has a profound history. At the beginning of this paper, we use the technique of crossing time and space to intercept several vivid scenes to express the rich historical meaning of Chinese. Among them, "academy", "wine shop", "Pan yellow history book" and other words have special semiotic significance. On this basis, the author reviews the long history of Chinese characters, points out the unique national cultural connotation of Chinese characters, and further elaborates Zhang Ben for the following. After enumerating the fact that Chinese has been impacted by multi culture, this paper puts forward its own proposition: it is the duty of contemporary youth to maintain the purity of Chinese and the integrity of their mother tongue. As a rule, this is the end of the passage. However, the author did not fall into the Convention, but went further: "we should maintain the purity of Chinese, not completely deny the rationality of foreign words." Then, it illustrates that Chinese also has the inclusiveness of eclecticism, and expounds the profundity and profundity of Chinese at a deeper level. This sagacious stroke makes the article seem more atmospheric, with higher realm and style. This is the highlight of this paper. In the examination room, it's precious to have such a rigorous thinking, sophisticated writing and a certain degree of collection and release.