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CCTV No. 1 Performance Hall, a program started recording


Cui Yongyuan (hereinafter referred to as Cui): dear audience, welcome to watch the new issue of "tell the truth". Today, I invite our two old friends, Ms. Baiyun and Mr. Heitu. Let's warmly welcome them!


White cloud and black soil enter the site


Cui: uncle and aunt, welcome to our program again!


Bai: Little Cui, you are welcome. We are all old friends!


Hei: Yeah, little Cui, we have to thank you. As soon as the last program was finished, we got angry. It was Spring Festival Gala. Someone else asked me to sign it!


Cui: that uncle and aunt, let's not be polite, let's start today's topic! Today our theme is "think of the sky"


White: what's there to say about the sky? It's blue. There are birds flying.


Black: wrong! (takes out a small book, stands up) the huge spring breeze blows the earth, the sky is dark a large area, the air pollution is extremely, this must hurry to manage.


Cui: that There will be some people to deal with the pollution. This sky we are talking about today is not that sky


Bai: is it not the universe?


Cui: it's not the universe, it's the sky in people's hearts, it's the sky in people's reverie


Black: that is ideal!


Cui: that's almost what it means. Please tell me first!


Black:... (silence)


Bai: (looking at the black soil) let me say first. When I was a little girl, I didn't have much ambition. I wanted to marry a rich man, but now I know it's wrong. I just found out that life at that time was so boring, no fun! Maybe it's because I didn't pursue it. My sky may be seriously polluted Fortunately, there was black earth later


Hei: (holding Baiyun's hand) at that time, I was a scholar, full of ambition to repay the country, but the current situation made people! I was criticized as a rightist and sent to the countryside for reconstruction


Cui: that's when I met my aunt, right? Don't be sad, uncle. You and aunt are having a good time now!


Hei: it depends on her! (the light in my eyes) at that time, I felt that my sky was gray, and it was meaningless to do anything. Later on, she accompanied me and taught me


Bai: at that time, I thought he was very talented, but he didn't have a place to play. People are like a ball of gas


Hei: since listening to her, I have got up my courage and started to fight. I think my sky is clear again!


Bai: his spirit also affected me. It was he who managed the pollution of my sky!


Cui: the story of uncle and aunt is very touching. It also tells us that we should face life seriously no matter when. Our sky is always blue and "vast"! Don't give up your dream, how high the sky is, how high the heart is! We can fly in our own sky, write "harmony" and "science" in the long sky! Please sum up in one sentence!


Bai: come on, dolls! Add color to your morning sky!


Hei: Er The train tickets for this time can also be reported!




Applause, the program is over


Comments: This article is unique, lively and calm, funny and solid. Candidates have good basic writing skills, and they are very complacent in the presence of emotions. You may as well "cool and unrestrained" like this.

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