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Love is long, think is long, Chinese people will not pay!


China has its own soul, reckless my Shenzhou!


-- inscription


Thinking of the past, the Han Dynasty used to learn building boats, the Tang Dynasty marked iron pillars, the Song Dynasty waved a huge axe, and the Yuan Dynasty crossed the straw bag Who is the rolling hero? We have witnessed a table. Please have a look——


Six hundred li of Afang palace was destroyed, which created a Western Chu overlord. However, the current situation completed Liu Bang. Xiang Yu entertains Liu Hanwang at Hongmen. Before the dinner table, Xiang Zhuang dances his sword. It's dangerous. If it wasn't Zhang Zifang's plan, Peigong would have been the ghost under the sword! Who would have made the exclamation of "an'de fierce man guarding the four sides"? Where would the six hundred year old Han land be found? Table, you witnessed the cold of sword!


In the city of Baidi, Kongming was entrusted by his predecessor. The good man who was "indifferent, peaceful and far away" also lamented day and night. Six out of Qi Mountain, the sword points to the Central Plains, endless, in those five Zhangyuan, the old man still can't eat and drink books, but how can he lead our soldiers to fight again? Qingfeng will take him into his arms, but Zhuge is famous in the universe, immortal for generations. Table, you have witnessed the hearts of the old ministers of Kaiji in these two dynasties!


"Li Bai has a hundred poems about wine fighting. He sleeps at a restaurant in Chang'an city. The son of heaven calls for not to get on the boat, and claims to be an immortal in wine. " Li Bai is good at drinking. People can always experience the smoothness of relaxing muscles and promoting blood circulation in his poems. Li Taibai has poems when he has wine. The top of the banquet is where he is relieved. Dining table, you have witnessed the intoxication of poetic immortals!


Chen Qiaoyi, a general in yellow robe, established a new dynasty and realized the fourth unification of China. This man is the emperor Taizu of Song Dynasty. He is very selfish. He forgot that those brothers who followed him in the South and North wars had taken the military power of the veteran generals in the army with a glass of wine. The story of "the release of military power by drinking wine" has been told for a thousand years. Table, you have witnessed the king's wind!


Shanhaiguan Pass, when the Manchu cavalry entered the pass, several generations dared to shout "anti Qing and restoration of brightness", but this was in vain. However, Manchu Dynasty bowed its head under the strong ships and guns in the west, which made China bow its head. When the Chinese envoys negotiated with the "Yin Ping poor bandits", the Western devils joked on the table: "if China's warships are as good as Chinese food, then it's us who will give up." What an outrageous sentence, one that distorts the history of the Chinese nation. Dining table, you have also witnessed the humiliation of China!


There are too many witnesses at a table, including national hatred, family hatred, brilliance and gloom After all the vicissitudes of life, people have changed. But the integrity of the Chinese people has not changed, and the integrity of the Chinese people will not change. One day, the industrious and brave Chinese nation will prevail in Europe and the earth!


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