国人喜欢短句表达 3

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3、老外为了族群和谐相处,除不用歧视或偏见的字眼外,连男女性别,也要避免区别,以示「平等」。 例如:

3. In order to get along harmoniously with ethnic groups, foreigners should avoid discrimination or prejudice, and even gender differences to show "equality". For example:

? Mankind are considered the smartest animals in the world。(人类是世上最聪明的动物)= Man is the smartest animal……。 (如果改为:Human beings are considered the smartest animals…… 就能包括男女。所以 mankind = man = human beings) (注意:mankind 后面动词要用多数,而 man 的后面动词,则用单数)

? Mankind are considered the smartest animals in the world。 Man is the smartest animal in the world. (if it is changed to: human beings are considered the smart animals Can include men and women. So man = man = human beings (Note: most verbs are used after man, and singular verbs are used after man)

? Manpower seems not strong enough in developing our economy here。 (发展这里的经济,似乎缺乏人力资源。)(如果说:Labor power seems not strong enough… 也就没有「男性主义」的感觉。可见 manpower = labor power = work force = human resources)

? Manpower seems not strong enough in developing our economy here。 There seems to be a lack of human resources for the development of the economy here (if: labor power seems not strong enough There is no sense of "masculinity". It can be seen that manpower = labor power = work force = Human Resources)

? This small company hired a cleaning woman yesterday。(这个小公司昨天请来一名清洁女工)(如果说:This small company hired an office cleaner…也就没有男女之分了)

? This small company hired a cleaning woman yesterday。 This small company hired a cleaning woman yesterday There is no difference between men and women.)

? He (she) has been a committee chairman (chairwoman) since 1998。 (自从1998年他就是委员会主席) (假如把chairman或chairwoman改为chairperson或chair,就没有男女之分。) (如指讨论会的主持人,也可称为 moderator 或 coordinator。)

? He (she) has been a committee chairman (chairwoman) since 1998。 (since 1998, he has been the chairman of the Committee) (if you change the chair or chair to chair person or chair, there is no distinction between men and women. )(for example, the moderator of a seminar, it can also be called a moderator or coordinator. )

? Many businessmen (businesswomen) feel their jobs are very stressful。(许多商人觉得工作压力很大)(如果把 businessmen (businesswomen) 改为 business people 或 business executives 或 business managers 就可包括男女了)(凡是单数 man 或 woman,其多数都是 men 或 women。)

? Many businessmen (businesswomen) feel their jobs are very stressful。 (many business people feel great pressure at work) (if you change business women to business people or business executives or business managers, you can include men and women) (most of the singular men or women are men or women. )

? Policemen (policewomen) should treat citizens with courtesy。(警察对人民应该有礼貌)(假如把 policemen 或 policewomen 改为 police officers 就可避免男女性别)

? Policemen (policewomen) should treat citizens with courtesy。 (the police should be polite to the people) (if you change policemen or policewomen to police officers, you can avoid gender)

? Congressmen (congresswomen) should speak up for their constitutes。 (国会议员应该为其选民说话)(constitute = voter) (我们也可以把 congressmen 或 congresswomen 改为 members of congress 或 congressional representatives)

? Congressmen (congresswomen) should speak up for their constitutes。 (a congressman should speak for his constituents) (continue = vote) (we can also change the membership of Congress or Congress representatives to members of Congress or Congress representatives)

? Stewardesses for international regions may get jet lag sometimes。(国际航线的空中小姐有时会有时差疲惫的现象)(如把 stewardess 改为 flight attendant,就能包括男女空中服务员。)

? Stewardesses for international regions may get jet lag sometimes。 (stewardesses on international routes sometimes experience jet lag and exhaustion) (if stewardess is changed to flight attendant, it can include both male and female stewardesses.)

同理,我们可以把 salesman 或 saleswoman 改为 salesperson;把 mailman 改为 mail carrier 或 postal worker;把 foreman 改为 supervisor 等等。

Similarly, we can change salesman or saleswoman to salesperson, mailman to mail carrier or postal worker, foreman to supervisor, etc.

?当然,一些带有种族偏见的字眼,甚至有侮辱的味道(insulting words 或 slur),也要尽量避免使用,以免闹出麻烦。例如:

? of course, some racially biased words, even insulting words or slurs, should be avoided to avoid trouble. For example:

?对黑人不要用 Negro,更不能用 Nigger(用 Black 还可以),礼貌的说法是 Afro-American 或 African-American;

Don't use Negro or nigger for black people. It's polite to say African American or African American;

?对白人不要用 Honky(这是黑人骂白人的用字),正确用法是 Caucasian,或 white people;

? don't use honky for white people. The correct usage is causian, or white people;

?对犹太人不要用 Hymies,应该叫 Jewish 或 Jewish people;

Don't use hymies for Jews. They should be called Jewish or Jewish people;

?对越南人不要用 Gook,要用 Vietnamese;

? don't use gook for Vietnamese, use Vietnam;

?至于墨西哥人、西班牙人及中、南美洲人,包括 Puerto Rico,正确的用法多是 Hispanics 或 Latins,不过据说西班牙人为了维护自己的文化,倒喜欢别人称为 Spaniard。

As for Mexicans, Spaniards and central and South Americans, including Puerto Rico, the correct usage is Hispanics or Latins, but it is said that Spaniards prefer to be called Spaniard in order to maintain their own culture.

?还有黑白结婚的孩子,也不可称为 Oreo(Oreo 饼乾外面是巧克力,里面是白奶油)。

You can't call them Oreo (Oreo biscuits are chocolate on the outside and white cream on the inside).

?有偏见的老外,不叫华人为 Chinese,而叫 Chink 或 Chinaman(从前还叫「Yellow Peril」,即黄祸)。

"Biased foreigners do not call Chinese, but Chinese or Chinese (formerly known as yellow peril).

?遇到这种事,怎么办呢?我建议:「君子不与小人斗」,最好是「不理」(ignore)或「走开」(walk away)。不过老外与你谈话时,如果使用这些不礼貌的字眼,那么你就可以说:「For your information, the word you just used is derogatory(或 inappropriate)to describe someone of my race。」(只想让你知道:你刚刚所用的字,来描写我的族群,是很不合适的)。这时,你也可说一句「拜拜」了。

What should I do in such a case? I suggest that "gentlemen don't fight with villains". It's better to ignore or walk away. However, when foreigners talk with you, if you use these impolite words, you can say, "for your information, the word you just used is derivation (or inappropriate) to describe someone of my race.". I just want you to know that the words you just used are not suitable to describe my ethnic group. At this time, you can also say "goodbye".

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