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Sanlu Group a leading Chinese dairy producer said it had found in its self-check that some of its baby milk powder products were contaminated by tripolycyanamide.

It has decided to recall all the baby milk powder it had produced before Aug. 6 this year.

Recently quite a number of infant kidney stone cases were reported in Gansu and other provinces. Investigations showed that most of the baby patients had drank the Sanlu formula before.

At least one baby in the northwest province had died as a result of kidney stones.


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The State Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine said Friday that China's recent product pollution crisis has affected the liquid milk industry, USA Today reported.

China\'s latest tainted product crisis has spread to its liquid milk industry the country\'s quality watchdog said Friday USA Today reported.


The crisis has disrupted the dairy industry. Since melamine, an industrial chemical found in milk powder, manufacturers have begun to recycle milk powder in large quantities.

The crisis has already roiled the dairy industry with widespread recalls after the industrial chemical melamine was found in milk powder.


At present, the incident has resulted in the death of four infants and 6200 infected with diseases.

It has been linked to four infant deaths and illnesses in 6200 others.


Melamine has also been found in liquid milk produced by three major Chinese dairy companies, the AQSIQ said Friday.

The General Administration of Quality Supervision Inspection and Quarantine (QSIQ) said milk in liquid form by three leading Chinese dairies has been found to be contaminated with melamine Friday.


According to a report on the website of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, about 10% of the samples from Mengniu Dairy Group and Yili Industrial Group have melamine content of 8.4 mg / kg.

A report posted on the agency\'s website said test results show nearly 10% of samples taken from Mengniu Dairy Group Co. and Yili Industrial Group Co. contained up to 8.4 mg of melamine per kg.


They are the two largest dairy production groups in China.

They are China\'s two largest dairy companies.


The milk products of Shanghai Guangming dairy also contain melamine.

Milk from Shanghai-based Bright Dairy also shows melamine contamination.


Therefore, AQSIQ has ordered the cancellation of the titles of "Mengniu" liquid milk, "Guangming" liquid milk and "Yili" liquid milk "China famous brand".

And so QSIQ revoked the status of "China\'s famous brands" of "Mengniu" liquid milk "Guangming" liquid milk and "Yili" liquid milk of Yili Industrial Group Co.


Melamine has no nutritional value, but it is rich in nitrogen which can improve the protein content of products.

Melamine has no nutritional value but is high in nitrogen making products with it appear higher in protein.


It is believed that manufacturers who want to cut costs add toxic chemicals to watered milk to cover up the resulting protein deficiency.

Suppliers trying to cut costs are believed to have added the toxic chemical to watered-down milk to cover up the resulting protein deficiency.


To solve the problem, the AQSIQ on September 18 raised food safety testing standards and revoked a special policy of exemption for some manufacturers' products, Bloomberg reported.

To address the problem China\'s quality watchdog raised the bar on food safety September 18 revoking a special status that helped some producers avoid inspections Bloomberg reported.


The AQSIQ website announced that the government decided to immediately stop the issuance of food production quality exemption qualifications and prohibit the use of such privileges in advertisements.

The government will immediately cease bestowing “inspection-free\'\' status on food producers ordering them to stop citing the privilege in advertisements QSIQ said on its Web site.


At least two manufacturers, China Mengniu Dairy Group Co., Ltd. and Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd., have enjoyed government inspection exemption privileges for some commodities,

At least two producers China Mengniu Dairy Co. and Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co. enjoyed exemption from government inspection on some products


This privilege protects them from testing when they launch all kinds of yoghurt and mixed milk products.

enabling them to develop new yogurt flavors and blended-milk products without having to undergo inspections.


AQSIQ found that 20% of China's milk powder manufacturers' products contain melamine.

The country\'s quality control watchdog has found that one-fifth of companies producing milk powder in China had melamine in their products

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