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It's a cool autumn day. My Lord and I will visit the Liaoshen Battle Memorial Hall.


When we came to Liaoshen Campaign Memorial Hall, we first saw a light gray building with the words "Liaoshen Campaign Memorial Hall" written on it. Then we went in with reverence.


There I saw the Stormtrooper, the water jug, the flag and medal that the soldiers used


What impresses me most is the panorama gallery. We went down the stairs to the panorama Museum and saw that there were guns, smoke, fire and many soldiers For a time, I seemed to be in the battlefield filled with smoke of gunpowder. I heard the charging horn ring in my ear, the sound of gunfire, the sound of gunfire, and saw the bloody battlefield of soldiers


We went out of the panorama gallery and finished our visit. My heart is heavy. I have learned the profound meaning of "hard won happy life". So many soldiers have exchanged blood and life for it. I must cherish the present good time, study hard, master the ability and serve the motherland.

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