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This afternoon, our class all come to play the game of Eagle catching chickens.


We first chose a chicken mother and an eagle. The next students are all cute chicken babies. The game started. When we first played it, we were afraid of being captured by the fierce eagle, so we tried our best to follow the mother chicken. Not good! Seeing that fierce and clumsy eagle is about to catch a chicken baby, our brave chicken mother sees it and runs to use her wings to protect the chicken baby who is about to be captured by the eagle, and then drives her wings out of our chicken.


In this way, we all relaxed our vigilance and ran away to play, forgetting that the fierce and clumsy eagle had never defeated. After playing for a while, the eagle came again. This time, it came quietly to catch chickens. It first saw the mother chicken cooking at home, so it ran quickly. Just about to catch a chicken, the mother chicken came to ask the chickens to go back to dinner.


The eagle said, "it looks like I'm going to be hungry today!"

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