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There is a long river full of beautiful lotus flowers.


One day, an ant accidentally fell into the river. The little ant struggled desperately, but could not climb up. It cried sadly. Seeing how sad it was crying, lotus broke off one of its petals and said, "don't cry, little ant. Sit on the petals and go home. Don't let your mother worry too much."


One morning, the lotus was awakened by the sound of crying. When I opened my eyes, it turned out that a group of frogs were crying. The lotus asked, "Why are you crying so sad? Maybe I can help you. " A frog said sadly, "in a few days, we will grow up. We need to sing, but we don't have a singing stage." The lotus smiled and said, "silly child, you can stand on my green lotus leaf and sing..."


Children, do you say lotus is beautiful? I think lotus is more beautiful because of the beauty of mind!

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