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My grandma is an ordinary old man. She is kind to me. I found that there are many wrinkles on her face, which record her hard work to me.


I was raised by my grandparents. I love my grandma. Every kiss my grandma gave me made me feel very happy. Grandma gave me a kiss when I was sad, which made me feel cheerful. I don't know how much grandma gave me. Grandma's love is endless forever.


My grandmother is very happy with every progress. I love her and I will always be her pride

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  • 我们的学校

    在绿树成荫,高楼耸立的武功县城东北角,有一座漂亮美丽的现代化学校,这就是我们的学校---武功县实验小学。 清晨,当太阳的第一缕阳光温和的洒向大地时,我们教学楼上的大壁钟便准时的向学生报时,也唤来了一群群带着红领巾满面笑容的伙伴。很快就会从学校里传来琅琅的读书声。 现代化教学楼共有五层,地下一层是宽大卫生的餐厅和同学们的休息室,上面几层是教室和老师的办公室。每间教室都宽敞明亮,我们每天都在

  • 下棋

    Today, at noon, my father and I were playing chess at home. Today, we had good luck. We have won two games. At the beginning of the new game, I saw a good move again. I ate my father's horse and car w

  • 学骑自行车

    One day, my brother proudly said to me, "Lao Yi, I've learned to ride a bicycle. Can you?" I don't think I dare to ride. But I still want to learn to ride a bike. On Sunday, I asked my brother to acco

  • 蚊子复愁记

    One day, the king of mosquito Kingdom, in front of all mosquitoes, said a very important thing, it said: "now human beings want to do everything to eliminate us, so we need to suck the blood of human

  • 忠实、可爱的小狗

    Today, dad bought a puppy. We like him. His whole body is covered with tawny fluff, which looks like a little yellow ball from a distance. Close up, his round, big head is like a small ball, very cute

  • 抓雾

    One morning, Xiaodong opened the window and looked out. Ah! He saw a lot of fog. It's very foggy today. Everyone has not gone out. Frogs, dragonflies, bees I also went back to my home. It's such a big

  • 一件后悔的事

    When I think of a prank, I feel sorry and ashamed. I always want to find an opportunity to apologize to the teacher, but I haven't found an opportunity. It was a Friday recess. I went to play table te

  • 电影《加菲猫》观后感

    I took part in a composition class in summer vacation. The teacher let us watch a movie, Garfield. Garfield is an interesting and moving film by people and animals. In the movie, Garfield and Odie are

  • 野炊

    One Saturday evening, when I was watching TV at home, my father said to me, "tomorrow, I'll have a picnic in the dark." As soon as my father's voice came down, I cried out happily, "Yeah!" It made a s

  • 爬 山

    On Saturday, March 22, 2008, Chen zhouchao went to climb the mountain with his mother and aunt because of the sunny weather. On the way up the mountain, I heard the birds chirping on the branches and

  • 暴雨中的秀屏山

    In the morning, my mother and I went to climb Xiuping mountain. At the foot of the mountain, I saw ginkgo leaves swinging in the wind like a small fan. Dogtail is dancing in the air ballet in the wind

  • 我的小笔筒

    Today, I made a beautiful pen holder at home. This small pen holder is a round pen holder. Next, I will tell you what it looks like. The top of the pen holder is a circle of paper strips. The color of

  • 读《凤凰山的奇迹》有感

    我读了《凤凰山的奇迹》,故事说:凤凰山原来是一个荒凉的山,但现在山清水秀、鸟语花香,这中间,有着三个儿子的故事。 有一个农夫,他有一次发现了石头上的稻子,要探索石头的秘密,他没想到石头那么坚硬,砸不碎,他快死的时候,叫来三个儿子,叫他们承接他的任务。 三个儿子去了,大儿子因饶圈嫌累,走了,二儿子因砸石头嫌累,也走了,只有三儿子坚持到底,创造了凤凰山美丽的风景。 我觉得我们该向三儿子学习,

  • 夜 空

    After dinner, the cool wind outside the window, so comfortable! I can't help but walk to the balcony and look at the distant night sky. At first, the moon didn't rise, and the stars kept blinking in t

  • 学游泳

    One day in summer, Mr. Wang led the students to learn swimming in the swimming pool. The swimming pool is big! The water in the pool is clean and cool. Those students who can swim jump into the pool h

  • 我的好妈妈

    I have a mother who loves me the most. She is OK. She doesn't work in Qingdao as her father. She works in Haian Shixiao children's palace. My mother took care of me greedily when she got up alone. Alt

  • 诚实的孩子

    Before class, Mr. Wang handed out the Chinese test papers to the students. Xiaodong took the test paper and was very happy. However, when he looked carefully, he found a mistake. Xiaodong's ideologica

  • 夏天

    Summer is a naughty boy who can change his face. Laugh and cry for a while. Sometimes you have to change your face several times a day. When it's hot, the old people will enjoy the cool under the shad

  • 我的书包

    I have a small and exquisite schoolbag, which my aunt bought for me on my birthday. My schoolbag is very beautiful. It's made of red cloth. There's a cartoon animal in front. It's called "sn0by". It's

  • 有趣的小猫

    Interesting kitten Hu Youyao, the second grade student of Xinsha primary school in Futian, Shenzhen, has a black and white kitten in my family. It is very thin, but it has a shiny fur, which is soft a