造低级句型 让你的英语靓起来

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Many people emphasize using conjunctions, prepositions and other lexical means to improve the language level rapidly. But this method needs some accumulation. Through the transformation of low-level sentence patterns, we can achieve this goal quickly.


● emphasis sentence: it is easy to change adverbial clauses of time, place, reason, way and other types into emphasis sentences of time.

It was not until I arrived home that I realized I had left the bag on the shop counter。


Inversion sentence: as long as there is a prepositional phrase or adverbial clause in the sentence, it can be changed into inversion sentence in advance.

Only when I turned right at the crossing did that car crack towards me。

Only by this means can he escape from the big fire。


Accompanying structure guided by with: it can change one clause of adverbial clause or paratactic sentence into with structure.

With the sun lighting brightly and the birds singing clearly, I went to school in high spirits。


Use non predicate verbs skillfully: you can simplify adverbial clauses or parallel verbs into non predicate verbs.

Hearing that, the driver’s wife quickly added that her husband often talked nonsense after drinking。(低级形式:When he heard that, ……)

Hearing that, the driver’s wife quickly added that her husband often talked nonsense after drinking。 When he heard that )


Appropriate passive sentence: it is suitable for shorter sentences, which makes the language concise and vivid. The object is generally nothing, anything, everything and other indefinite pronouns.

I searched all my pockets, but nothing was found。

●感叹句:通常用于开头结尾活跃文章气氛,凡是“I feel ……”之类表达感情的句子皆可如此改造。

● exclamation sentence: usually used at the beginning and the end to activate the atmosphere of the article, usually "I feel..." Such sentences expressing feelings can be modified in this way.

How terrible I felt today! I failed again in the math exam。


High level attributive clause: if the verb in the attributive clause has preposition, just move the preposition to the back of the antecedent.

We came to a place to which they had never paid a visit before。


● progressive tense: sometimes it contains certain emotions, especially the emotional adverbs like always.


● tactful expression: it needs to use humorous skills, which are mainly used for comic composition questions.

I could find nothing but bad luck when I returned the shop after learning that my handbag had been left on the counter。


The nominal clause guided by what: transform the verb object structure into the structure.

What he gave me, which I knew, were not only a Christmas present but also a heart full of love and a mind of my existence in it。●“数词+名词”变为“as many as+数词+名词”

What he gave me, which I knew, were not only a Christmas present but also a heart full of love and a mind of my existence in it。 ● "Numeral + noun" becomes "as many as + numeral + noun"

As many as ten years ago, my hometown used to be covered by forests。

●适当加一些不关痛痒的插入语:一些连词、副词可以放到句子中间充当语气较弱的插入语,如I guess、however、in a way、certainly、in my opinion、probably、briefly等,有时可以考虑几个插入语连用,就更像英美人士的文章了。

Add some irrelevant parentheses properly: some conjunctions and adverbs can be put in the middle of the sentence to act as weak parentheses, such as I guess, hover, in a way, certainly, in my opinion, probability, brief, etc. sometimes several parentheses can be considered to be used together, which is more like the article of the British and American people.


● independent subject case: remove the conjunctions from the subject clause and change the verbs in the preceding sentence into participles.

The weather being fine, a large number of people went to climb the Western Hills。


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