语标点的正确使用 2

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Again, let's summarize:


A. The possessive way to write simple plural nouns (which also have life) is: first, add s to the end of the original singular noun and change it into

复数,然后在结尾处再加上 "即成。(第1句)

Plural, then add & quote; at the end. (first sentences)

B。 如果复数名词是由改变其内的韵母形成的,所有格同单数名词一样,结尾加上 "s

B. If a plural noun is formed by changing the vowel within it, the possessive case is the same as the singular noun, with & quote; s added at the end


(sentence 2-3)

C。如果复数名词尾是es, 所有格只加 " (第4-6句)

C. If the plural suffix is es, the possessive case only adds & quote; (sentence 4-6)


D. If it is a plural compound noun, first change the main singular noun to plural, and then add & quote; s at the end of the compound noun


(seventh sentences)

1。1。3 如果是几个名词并列的,所有格 "s 加在最后一个名词尾:

1. 1. 3 if several nouns are juxtaposed, possessive & quot; s is added at the end of the last noun:

1。 Joe and Linda"s house is being sold。 乔和琳达的房子已卖了。(这里表示房

1. Joe and Linda"s house is being sold。 The houses of Joe and Linda have been sold. (room here


Son is owned by Joe and Linda)

1。1。4 如果几个名词是个别表示所有格时,每个名词尾都须加上 "s :

1. 1. If several nouns are used to indicate possessive case individually, each suffix must be added with & quote; s:

1。 Mike"s and Molly"s grades have improved。 迈克和莫莉的成绩已有进步。(这

1. Mike"s and Molly"s grades have improved。 Mike and Molly have made progress. (this


Li means that Mike and Molly have made progress in their respective achievements.)

1。1。5 不定式名词的所有格是在词尾加 "s:

1. 1. 5 the possessive case of infinitive noun is to add & quote; s at the end of the word:

1。 I need someone"s help with my homework。 (someone 指某人,所有格someone"s

1. I need someone"s help with my homework。 (someone means someone & quot; s



1。1。6 代名词的所有格不可加上 "或 "s :

1. 1. The possessive case of pronoun 6 cannot be added with " or " s:

1。 Shella, whose eyes are blue? (whose哪个人的,已有所有格的意思)

1. Shella, who eyes are blue

2。 This book is hers, not yours。 (hers她的,yours你的)

2. This book is hers, not yours。 (hers hers, yours)

3。 It hurt its paw。 (its 它的)

3. It hurt its paw。 (its its)

4。 It"s a nice day。 (it"s 是 it is 的意思,不属于所有格)

4. It"s a nice day。 (it & quote; s means it is, not possessive)

5。 That is your right。 (your 你的)

5. That is your right。 (yours)

1。2 缩写式(Contractions):

1. 2 abbreviations:

1。2。1 在字词、日期中一部份字母或数字被省略,以 " 代之 。

1. 2. In a word or date, some letters or numbers are omitted and replaced with & quote.

1。 She wouldn"t work for the gov"t in "93。 (wouldn"t=would not,

1. She wouldn"t work for the gov"t in "93。 (wouldn"t=would not,

gov"t=government, "93=1993)

1。2。2 名字、头衔的缩写格式可省略 "

1. 2. The abbreviation of name and title can be omitted;

1。 Lt。 Wm。 Jones visited us。 (Lt。 =Lieutenant, 不可写成 L"t , Wm=William,

1. Lt. Wm. Jones visited us。 (Lt. =Lieutenant, not L & quot; t, WM = William,

不可写成 W"m)

Cannot be written as W & quote; m)


1. Three



1。3。1 当一个词在句子里能清楚反映其复数意义时,不可再加 ":

1. 3. When a word can clearly reflect its plural meaning in a sentence, it is not allowed to add & quot;:

1。 Don"t give me any ifs, ands, or buts。 (不可写成 if"s , and"s , but"s)

1. Don"t give me any ifs, ands, or buts。 (not if & quote; s, and & quote; s, but & quote; s)


1. 3. Two

在句子里,当一个词仅仅作为一个词时,其复数形式可加 "s 使其含意更清

In a sentence, when a word is only a word, its plural form can be added & quote; s to make its meaning clearer



1。 He used twenty-five and"s in one paragraph。 他在一段里用了25个and字。

1. He used twenty-five and"s in one paragraph。 He used 25 and words in the passage.


1. 3. Three


Date, numeral, acronyms, which end in capital letters

数形式只需加上 s ,不必再加上 " :

The number form only needs to add s, not & quot;:

1。 Seven Ph。D。s lived in this building in the 1970s。 (Ph。D。s 不可写成

1. Seven Ph. D. s lived in this building in the 1970s。 (Ph. D. S cannot be written as

Ph。D。"s, 1970s 也不可写成 1970"s)

Ph. D. &Quot; s, 1970s can not be written as 1970 & quot; s)


1. 3. Four

当一个大写字母的复数形式可能会被误解时,可加上 "s 以表示复数:

When the plural form of a capital letter may be misunderstood, add & quote; s to indicate the plural:

1。 The Roman Numerals for the number eight is a V followed by three I"s。

1. The Roman Numerals for the number eight is a V followed by three I"s。

罗马数字八的写法是V后加上三个 I 。(这时如果 I"s 只写成 Is , 就可能引起误解)

The Roman numeral eight is written V followed by three I's. (in this case, if I & quot; s is only written as is, it may cause misunderstanding.)


Comma / comma is a common punctuation mark in Chinese or English; however, its usage is not necessarily the same in Chinese and English.


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