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"Crackle!" New year's day, every family has put up fireworks. The four brothers who had not been together for many years all rushed home for new year's Eve. ?


"Dinner!" Their mother served a delicious meal. The family got together happily, and the four brothers drank and talked freely. At this time, they talked about their careers. ?


The eldest brother, a cup full of water, said: "now, I have started my own company, and the money is like running water, running straight to me. However, then again, the current social competition is so fierce, there is the risk of bankruptcy at any time! But I believe in myself! Ha... " ?


The second one, a glass filled with half a cup of stone and half a cup of sand, said, "I'm a little worse than my elder brother. I have two jobs now. I don't worry about earning money, but I'm exhausted every day!" ?


The third, a cup with half a cup of sand, said, "I am! The education level is relatively low. Now it's just a small worker, but it's not a problem to support the family. " ?


At this time, it's time for the senior to speak. The fourth is an empty cup with nothing in it. He hesitated and said: "big brother, second brother, third brother I... I... Before... A job Later... No interest So ? resigned Now... Learn computer... " ?


The other three brothers began to advise the fourth: "no interest Ha, this year, it's good to have a meal. What other interests are you interested in? " "Why don't you come to brother's company..." "Why don't you take a job as second brother first?" ?


At this time, their mother said: "fourth, don't be sad, you don't see your brother they have jobs, but they are not so happy! Your elder brother's work pressure is also very big, you can see from his white hair, he is not forty years old! Although your second brother has two jobs, he is very tired every day. He is also stubborn and doesn't listen to his mother. Your third brother! It's just a small worker. He can only support himself. But you are still young. It's time to start all over again. It's a good thing to choose what you like. Learning computer is a good thing. Mom supports you. I'm sure you will find a job that interests you eventually. " ?


A few years later, senior four became the most famous network founder in China. ?


Yeah! Sometimes life is like an empty cup. Everything can start from the beginning. So, abandon the useless things to you at any time, make life more wonderful, let our life be as solid and clear as the deep footprints in the snow! ?

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